Notice of Barrow Lake closure


Please be aware that the Barrow Lake will no longer be available to fish from Tuesday 29th May 2018. The decision has been made to drain and refurbish the lake for future use as a stock pond. 

Continuing our programme of Summer improvement works, the Barrow lake will no longer be available for fishing. Stocked with Wels Catfish and an unknown number of Carp (less than 5 we suspect), the lake has rarely been fished with accumulating weed and silt levels. To fully utilise this lake we have decided to refurbish this water as a stock pond, securing a long term supply of fish to stock throughout the fishery in years to come.

Due to the silt and weed, we will commence a full drain down and allow the lake bed to dry over the summer. The Wels Catfish will be relocated into the Doughnut Lake, and any remaining Carp to the S Lake. Come Autumn, the lake bed should have dried and we will extend the lake to increase it's surface area.  The reclaimed clay will be used to reduce the lakes depth. A larger surface area and less depth will provide optimum growing conditions, ensuring better oxygenation and water temperatures. The lake will then be fenced, and predator netted to protect the future stock of the lake.

Angler numbers have remained low on the Barrow lake for several years now. We feel the lake can be far better utilised as a stock pond, ensuring a sustainable supply of fish for future stocking across the fishery. The lake will no longer be available to fish as a result of this decision. We apologise for any inconvenience if you intended on fishing this water in 2018. We will of course keep you updated with the project as it progresses.