Picks Cottage to become Members Only




Picks Cottage Fishery Ltd is commencing transition into a members only day ticket complex by February 2019.

Over recent years the complex has become increasingly popular with local anglers.  Having remained a day ticket complex since 1987, we have witnessed many changes over the years and experienced all the highs and lows of day ticket fishing. Investment and dedication in the complex has been considerable, the quality of fishing now available is testament to this. Much a victim of our own success however, we are dealing with challenges as a result. I personally feel that the current situation won't remain sustainable if we wish to maintain the quality of fishing we have developed and remain passionate about.  

By switching to a members only day ticket complex, all anglers will be vetted to ensure they are fishing with the correct equipment, suitably experienced, and respectful of our simple list of rules. Rule breakers will face membership termination. We are not looking to make any financial gains through membership, it will simply provide a means to control access to the site and ensure fish safety.  

Members will be issued with a unique membership card  which must be presented when purchasing your tickets on the day.

We felt it necessary to give advance notice of these changes which will only serve to improve your visit to the fishery. Should you wish to discuss membership please speak to myself directly for further information. 

Kind Regards,

Jamie Roddick
Fishery Manager
Picks Cottage Fishery Ltd



By what date will I require to become a member if I wish to fish at Picks Cottage Fishery?

Membership will be required from Febuary 2019. A members only gate will prevent access to non-members from this date. As we transition to a members only site there will be minor changes to access and signage during the interim period which will be notified. 

How much will membership cost and how long will it last?

Membership will be available on a yearly season e.g 2019 Season (Feb - Oct '19). We expect the fee to remain under £25 per season to cover our administration costs. Charges will be confirmed closer to the time. 

Will I have to book my sessions once I become a member?

No. Simply turn up on the day and start fishing.


Does membership allow unlimited/guaranteed fishing?

No. Membership permits access to the site during advertised opening hours and allows you to purchase a ticket on the day. Tickets/swims will remain first come first serve.

Once I'm a member can I access the complex outside of advertised opening hours?

No. Fishery opening hours are there for your personal safety. A separate gate is locked overnight to ensure site security. 

Will there be any member perks?

Yes - lots! With reduced angler numbers we expect a far more enjoyable experience. As we develop our membership list we will look to organise exclusive events and member discounts on bait/tackle. Invitation to netting days/stocking will also be a possibility.

 Why is Picks Cottage Fishery becoming members only?

Membership will help ensure fish care standards are maintained and reduce angler numbers. This will offer a more enjoyable experience for dedicated anglers and ensure the site is treated with the respect we expect.