Located on a small 60 acre farm on the outskirts of Essex and London, Picks Cottage Fishery was originally used as pasture for the cattle on a small family farm. The first lake, known as ‘Top Lake’ today, was constructed in 1987 by Andrew T Roddick to irrigate the families 'pick your own fruit' business.  With the popularity of angling growing rapidly through the 1990s, the fishery soon expanded.

In 2012, it was decided by Andrew T Roddick to hand management over to his son Andrew J Roddick (known as Jamie). Since his tenancy, Jamie has made vast investments in the complex to bring the lakes back to their former glory. From a small farm based fishery, Picks Cottage Fishery is now at the forefront of fisheries in the South East offering varied sport for all abilities. Having trained with the Institute of Fisheries Management and a qualified Angling Coach, Jamie's ambition and passion for the management of the complex has remain unchanged over the years. 

In 2014 we completed the construction of the Lakeside Cafe & Tackle Shop with a dedicated toilet block and disabled facilities. We are proud to stock many of the biggest brands in the market to our customers and provide industry leading facilities and service to ensure your time with us remains comfortable.

Moving forward to 2016, we began working in partnership with the Angling Trust and British Disabled Angling Association to provide greater accessibility to the sport. Over a period of 5 years every lake on our complex was refurbished, including all 45 swims.  Our complex was audited by the BDAA to provide a framework for future development and further improvements were made including pathways and improved access.

Recognised for our commitment to accessibility, we were awarded planning permission in 2017 to construct three accessible holiday lodges onsite supported by the BDAA. With a severe lack of accessibility to the sport in the UK, we wish to become a destination holiday venue for anglers regardless of disability.

Over the years, we have progressed to a sustainable fishery management plan to ensure a natural and sustainable fishing environment is provided for our stock. We provide supplementary feed sourced from sustainable origins to maintain stock condition and health. Water quality and stocking densities are regularly monitored to ensure we protect our fish from the associated risks faced by fisheries today. Many day ticket fisheries are grossly overstocked with no regard for fish welfare. Our approach is some what different.

In 2019 we introduced members only access across all specimen lakes to reduce the angling pressure our fish were exposed to. Not only has this improved the sport available, it has also helped to ensure greater site security for members. 

We are committed to the development of the fishery and ensuring that standards are maintained to the highest of levels. Testament to the fishery, our anglers return year after year for the great sport available at Picks Cottage. Our philosophy is simple - great fishing, great facilities, great service.