About Us

Located on a small 60 acre farm on the outskirts of Essex and London, Picks Cottage Fishery was originally used as pasture for the cattle on a small family farm. The first lake, known as ‘Top Lake’ today, was constructed in 1987 to irrigate the families 'pick your own fruit' business.  With the popularity of angling growing rapidly through the 1990s, the fishery soon expanded to the five lake fishing complex you see today.

We are committed to the development of the Fishery and ensuring that standards are maintained to the highest of levels. Our philosophy is simple - great fishing, great facilities, great service!

Testament to the fishery, the majority of our anglers return year after year for the great sport available at Picks Cottage (in some cases even decades!). Our lakes are stocked with traditional English bred carp with strong English heritage. We are firmly against the importation of foreign bred stock and the use of fast growing strains which can be found in many fisheries throughout the UK today. We implement a long-term stocking policy, ensuring a natural and sustainable fishing environment is provided for our stock.