Angling Trust supports £13k+ fishery improvement project at Picks Cottage Fishery


In partnership with the Environment Agency, The Angling Trust has demonstrated once again it's commitment to supporting fishing in the UK with the reinvestment of rod licence money. Following our proposal for a sustainable predation management and fishery improvement project, we're pleased to announce that the Angling Trust are providing two grants to help secure the future of fishing totalling £7,000. Picks Cottage Fishery Ltd is matching this funding, and also bearing any additional costs which will most likely arise to ensure the projects are successfully delivered.  The funding will contribute towards materials, with all associated works to be completed ourselves. In total, the investment into the complex will exceed £13,000.

The funding will contribute towards two key projects at the fishery, both to be completed by the end of Summer this year. The first project will involve a broad range of fishery improvements across the complex. This will include the installation of 10 decked swims on the S lake (1 disabled platform), marginal plantation on the Float Pond, a family fishing platform on the Float Pond and a secondary aerator installation on the Doughnut Lake. We will also be applying a treatment of Siltex to improve water quality on all lakes and extending pathways for better access.

The second project is focussed on the implementation of a sustainable predation management plan. This will involve purchasing key management tools to enable the fishery to produce its own fish in house for future stocking across the complex. Predator netting will be used to protect our dedicated stock pond from Cormorants who readily eat fish under 4lbs in size. All stock under this weight will be protected in the pond where they can be grown on to a 'cormorant-proof' size. The Angling Trust are also funding the purchase of a seine net to crop juvenile fish from unprotected waters and a transportation tank to relocate fish to the protected pond. By ensuring a sustainable stock management plan, the effects of Cormorant predation can finally be addressed in a sustainable manner.

I would like to personally thank the Angling Trust and urge anglers to join as members. Not only will your money be put to good use, you'll also save 10% on all tickets at Picks Cottage Fishery!