Welcome to Picks Cottage Fishery Ltd

Picks Cottage Fishery is a Five Lake Fishing Complex available exclusively to members


The Woodland Lodge

A forest hideaway with the kids! Family has always been at the heart of fishing for us. Life's no fairy tale but deep down we're all looking for those unforgettable memories we cherish.

Available from August '23

Welcome to Picks Cottage Fishery

Picks Cottage Fishery is a five lake fishing complex available exclusively to members. Every lake on the complex is tailored to a different style of fishing to ensure some of the best sport available in the South East. Over the years we have invested in the complex to provide outstanding facilities and fish stocks for members. With an onsite tackle shop, café and toilet facilities, your time at our complex will always be enjoyable (even when the fish aren't biting!).

"My 24 hour session at Picks Cottage was a long time coming. I've known about the venue for probably around 10 years now, I don't know what's taken me so long to get here. Work, family life, I can give you all the excuses. I finally got here and it was everything I imagined it to be. I think the draw for me at Picks Cottage is the type of carp that reside in here. There's a real mixed bag and speaking with Jamie the owner, over the years they've stocked it with many different strains of fish plus there's the originals. That makes for some really interesting fishing, you never know what you're going to get"

Alan Blair, Nash Tackle

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