With the evenings fast approaching and the days becoming shorter, overnight sessions become an even greater challenge. Following a busy weekend on the banks, it was apparent that catch rates are slowly on the decline with only three captures on the S lake reported. With so much bait entering the water and very few fish reported, I decided to give the Doughnut lake a try this week in hope of a fish or two. 

With minimal time available after work, I decided to get all of my tackle and rigs in order before hitting the banks. I've had some good results on Bait-Techs Poloni recently, as documented in my last catch report Bank Holiday S Lake Success. With temperatures and catch rates both falling, I wanted to give my hook baits an additional edge so glugged them up in the Polony Oil (providing additional attraction and feed stimulation). 


Hookbaits getting glugged with bait floss already attached to reduce its artificial smell 

With my rigs tied, baits air dried and rods ready, I packed the car ready for the nights action. By ensuring everything was prepared, the lack of daylight on arrival wouldn't be to big an issue. It had been a busy day in the tackle shop with lots of new arrivals and shelves to be replenished, a nights fishing felt well deserved.

Multi Rigs ready for action

Following the final bailiff round and locking up the fishery gates I hit the Doughnut. Having baited up several spots earlier in the day, I was confident that fish would find the bait and hopefully be coming back for seconds. Setting up in the dark is an experience in its self, the time spent getting everything in order was definitely well spent.  Having set the traps, I hit the sack and awaited my alarms. 

8:30pm and the rods are good to go - time for a brew!

There was very little movement on the lake. The still bitter nights we've experienced recently have certainly made angling a challenge at the moment. With such a productive Summer it was apparent that I'd taken the Summer for granted and would soon have to alter future tactics to the Autumnal/Winter conditions faced. Luckily the odds still seemed in my favour as by 10pm I was into my first fish, an absolutely stunning upper double Common.

18lbs of gorgeous Doughnut Common caught on a Multi Rig

With the chunky specimen returned to the water, I topped up my spots with several pouches of boilies and returned to my bedchair with high expectations for the night. I've usually found such an early capture on the Doughnut signals a productive session but little did I know the fish gods were conspiring against me. The next fish arrived on my rod tips just four hours later, a smaller 16lb Common on the opposite rod. 

A scale perfect 16lb Common in miniature - golden wonder!

 With two fish on the score cards I hoped a third mite be on the cards but before I knew it the birds were singing their morning song and daylight had arrived. A barrage of rain had absolutely soaked the swim so the 7:30am alarm was most unwelcome and I reluctantly packed up and headed of to work. With a bit of luck I'll try and get in another session this week before conditions deteriorate, September is such a rewarding month but the hard work is definitely on its way as the mercury begins to plummet!


Catch report