Since becoming part of the Bait-Tech promo team, I have managed to get out over my local water Picks Cottage twice and bagged a fish on both trips.

The 1st of the trips was with my friend and owner of Picks Cottage Jamie on a 24hr session.

I got to the lake around 17.30 and after a quick lap of the lake I decided to fish a swim that I had previously not fished. The weather was overcast and there was a warm wind blowing into my selected swims margins.

Wanting to get the rods sorted and find a couple of spots before the evening set in, I went about leading around in the weed. I found 2 spots in both my left and right hand side margins, where I was happy presenting rigs. Both margins spots where in-between larger weed beds and did land with the all important “Donk” over light weed.


As I was fishing close in and wanting to be a little different from most other anglers that fish on the venue, I opted to bait my selected spots with balls of Poloni groundbait with added chopped / crumbed 18mm Poloni, whole 14mm Poloni and Poloni oil!

I put 2kg of the finished groundbait on each spot knowing the small roach would be helping themselves to a free meal. I have to add the smell of the finished groundbait was epic and I had total faith it would pull the fish in.

Wanting to match my rig presentation to my free offerings, I decided to fish solid bags with 1oz drop

off in-line leads and a short pop up rig. I was going to drill out some bottom baits and add cork to allow the baits to act as a wafter, but opted to tie some short pop up rigs. I have been using this all season to great success. Using the pop up rigs would make sure I was presented well on the low laying weed.

In my solid bags I used Poloni groundbait, crumbed Poloni boilies, Poloni oil and on the business end I used a 14mm Poloni Pop-Up.


I got the rods out just before dusk and was happy they were fishing effectively. I had a brew and catch up with Jamie who was fishing in the next swim. After helping Jamie a land nice mirror it was time to hit the sack. Before going to sleep I topped up both spots with 30/40 baits.

At 5 in the morning the right hand margin rod was away and I was into what felt a good fish, Jamie had heard the receiver and got up to help me land a lovely common weighing in at 23lb.

The rod went back out on the spot and topped up with 30/40 more 14mm baits and I went back to sleep for an hour. I had another bite off the same rod a few hours later and the fish weeded me up resulting in me losing the fish. I had to leave soon after but before leaving I put my remaining kilo of 14mm and 18mm Poloni on the 2 spots.

My 2nd trip was an overnighter a few days later.

I got to the lake Sunday at 18.30, thinking most people would be pulling off after their weekends fishing. I would normally have a walk round but due to my limited time before it got dark I jumped in the same swim I was in previously.


I made the same Poloni groundbait / boilie combo and quickly went about balling it onto the 2 same spots, with the 2 baited rods soon following. As I was the only person on the lake I set up the 3rd rod on a chod rig with a 14mm Poloni pop up and 40 or so baits around it.

I settled for the night and the night passed with no joy. My phone alarm woke me up Monday morning and as I started to pack away the right hand side margin rod ripped off. After a hectic battle a lovely low double mirror grassed my net. I slipped her back and finished off packing away and headed to the office.

I will be back in a couple days with the deadly Poloni groundbait, boilie and Oil combo.



Catch report