Barrow lake refurbishment - opening soon!

We're pleased to announce that the Barrow Lake refurbishment is finally approaching completion. This exclusive lake offers small groups the perfect setting for a social session with friends. This project has been a massive undertaking, however the finish line is finally in sight (thank god!).

The Barrow Lake before refurbishment - weed, silt and massively overgrown!

We started the drain down in June 2018 with an estimated completion date of Spring this year. We clearly love an ambitious deadline! We relocated the existing stock of Wels Catfish into the Doughnut lake, but also several Carp which were transferred into the S.

Making the most of last years scorching Summer, we allowed the lake bed to dry and removed all silt and weed from the lake bed. We used this opportunity to remove the many trees which surrounded the lake, posing bank erosion issues and preventing exposure to light and wind. We then regraded the banks by extending and levelling the lake bed to make the lake shallower (originally the lake was 12ft at its deepest!). Several weeks were spent in the digger but the end result was certainly worth it.

Putting the digger to good use!

At this point (Nov '18), the lake was empty and we placed our faith in mother nature to bring heavy rain to fill the lake. I had high hopes that it was going to be a wet Winter but this was far from the case. Eventually, the rain arrived and with some good water management we were able to divert most of this rainfall into the Barrow.

10 x VS Fisheries C6 Carp (20-23lbs)

By February '19, the lake was close to full and we were finally in the position to contact fish suppliers. Viv Shears at VS Fisheries was the first port of call. We have used Vivs stock across many of our lakes and were pleased to discover he had some 20lb+  Carp still available. As a result, an order was placed for 10 of these gorgeous Specimens to ensure we had some prime target fish residing in the lake. We also went about constructing three double width swims which are all decked out over the waters edge. All that remains to be done now is the wood chipped bivvy areas to ensure the fishing is comfortable.

This was not the end in terms of stocking however. With the Doughnut Lake holding numerous double figure fish, we contacted Andrew Ellis at AE Fisheries to survey the Doughnut and crop any surplus fish which were available. In total, we selected 35 Carp from the lake. Each carp was hand selected for the best growth potential, ensuring they would all flourish in the newly refurbished Barrow. 

Doughnut Lake Netting video with footage of the newly stocked fish

With refurbishment essentially completed, we are pleased to confirm exclusive lake hire prices for 2019. We are in the final stages of completing the lake. We expect to open the Barrow lake by Easter '19. We will commence bookings once lake refurbishment has been completed. The Barrow will be available to members only. This exclusive lake is available for lake hire for a maximum of three anglers. We require payment in full to secure your booking. Exclusive lake hire prices are as follows:

Option 1: 24 HOURS (9AM-9AM) - £90  (= £30/angler)

Option 2: 48 HOURS (9AM-9AM) - £165  (= £55/angler)

Option 3: 60 HOURS (9AM - 9PM) -  £210  (= £70/angler)

Option 4: MID-WEEK (Mon 9AM until Fri 9AM) - £300  (= £100/angler)

Option 5: FULL WEEK (Mon 9AM until Sun 9PM) - £450  (= £150/angler)

A PIN coded padlock will be used at lake entrance to ensure lake hire bookings are not disturbed.