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Learn to fish in London with Picks Cottage Fishery instructor Matt Pierce

Fishing is an absorbing and exciting pastime, connecting you with nature and the great outdoors. Learn to fish, and it could be the start of a lifetime of interest and enjoyment. You can go fishing close to home, at the seaside or even abroad. It’s a great way for family or friends to have fun together, but it’s also ideal if you feel like spending a day on your own.

As a licensed coach, Matt Pierce can help you or your family get started. If you already fish, he can help you progress. Anyone aged 6 or over will enjoy themselves catching fish and learning new skills, with screens and phones forgotten (for a while at least).

  • Learn to fish in London at Picks Cottage Fishery
  • Experience the excitement of a fish on your line
  • Master different angling skills
  • Find out about birds and wildlife

Fishing Lessons & Prices

Fishing lessons can be adapted for complete beginners or for budding anglers with a bit more experience. So if you already fish but would like to improve your skills, please contact Matthew to discuss how he can help.

Coarse fish are freshwater fish other than trout and salmon, such as roach, tench, perch and carp. It is common to catch several different species in a day. We return them to the water rather than taking them home to eat.

The coarse fishing lessons include:

  • Whip fishing close in (a whip is a simple fishing rod ideal for beginners)
  • Fishing further out with a rod and reel (including learning to cast)
  • How to bring fish in, handle and unhook them
  • Different types of bait and when to use them
  • Watercraft (how to locate fish and avoid scaring them)
  • Explanation of licences and permits
  • Angling etiquette and code of conduct

 Who can take part?

Anyone over 6 years old, but please note under-18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Seasonal availability

March - October


3 hours.


One person – £60
Two people – £80
Three people – £100

If you have a larger group, please contact Matthew.


All bookings are dealt with Matthew directly. Please contact him via the details below to arrange your tuition.


Phone: 07780 997618